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David Melville(less than a year ago)

Delighted to watch these stimulating videos and see the progress to diversity, so important for the future. Very best wishes, David Former pupil. current teacher and environmenal educator.

MARGARET MCDONALD(less than a year ago)

Hi, I'd like to enquire about the possibility of enrolling my daughter in Sept 2020 for p2 class if there was space available. We are in the process of moving from Antrim to Crumlin, she currently attends Round Tower integrated Primary

Victoria Irvine(a couple of years ago)

Hi, This is a very emotional week for myself and my daughter as it is her last week in CIPS. My daughter has had the pleasure of attending your school for 1 year and 3 weeks. After serious bullying at a previous school, Mrs Boal, Mrs Moore, Mrs Corbett and Mrs Graham (too many more teaching assistants to mention) welcomed my daughter with open arms. She arrived at CIPS a broken child with very low confidence and low self esteem. Fast forward a year and she was one of the leading carchters in your school play. She stood tall and projected her voice in a way I have never witnessed. Her whole class look out for each other and the community spirit within the school is something I have never felt or experienced at my 3 children’s previous school. Thank you CIPS for the unrelenting work you have put into my daughter (and every child as far as I can see). I really wish your school the very best in the difficult Financial Times ahead as you are truly an integrated, child respecting school who fully deserve the unicef award which you received. I will miss your fantastic plays and my daughters lovely stories of the fun she has at the school. I hope I can remain a friend of Crumlin Integrated Primary School as you helped so very much in making my daughter feel a valued member of society. Vicky Irvine

Sally Futers(a few years ago)

Good Morning Crumlin IPS, I just wanted to let you all know that James took his 11+ in Nov and passed and will be starting at Cheltenham College next Sept. I fully believe this is down to the fantastic start he had at Crumlin IPS. Making learning fun and understanding his strenghts encouraged him to work hard and reach his goal. He sends big "Hello's" to his old class. (Which must be P7 by now!) He still talks about his time at Crumlin and all his friends there. Huge thanks, Sally F, Beds.