Lighting up the minds of today for a brighter tomorrow

Our Staff

Principal:- Mrs. Boal     

 Vice Principal:- Mrs. E Woodin

School Secretary:- Mrs. D Moore


 Caretaker:- Mr. R Fisher                  



Primary 2:-  Mrs. R Allen and Miss  A Vennard

Primary 1:- Mrs. S Middleton and Miss M Bingham

Primary 3:- Mrs. G Hood 



      Primary 4:-

Mrs. E Woodin


  Primary 5:-

            Mrs. E Lambe          


Primary 6:- Mr. D Coey


Primary 7:- Mrs. C Corbett 



Classroom Assistants 




Mrs. N Murray

Mrs. M Manderson

Mrs. E Craig

Mrs. S Price



Mrs. M McDowell   

Miss M Price 




Mrs. A Craig



Mrs. P Kirk