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Welcome to Primary 2!  

Mrs Allen and Mrs Vennard 2020 - 2021

Welcome to our Primary 2 page which will give you an insight into what we are doing in class.  Lots of things have changed due to Covid - 19 and it is great to see the children embrace the changes and show their resilience.  We are extremely pleased to report that ALL children in P2 have settled very quickly into their new routines.

We are all looking forward to a great year!  
We are all looking forward to a great year!  

Helpful Information.............. 

Essential items for P.2

This year each child has been asked to provide a tray/box with a pencil case full of essential stationery, a box of tissues, an old sock and 2 glue sticks.  These items will only be used by the child and will remain in school.  Items will not be shared!  Please also send in a pair of welly boots that can be kept in school.

P.E Kit:- Your child can come to school ready for PE lessons.  They should be dressed in navy/black jogging bottoms/leggings and their white polo shirt and school jumper.  Trainers must be worn


The topics we will cover in Primary 2 are:-


  • September/October:- Once Upon A Time.
  • November/December:-Slipping and Sliding.
  •  January/February:- No Place Like Home
  •  March/April:- In The Wild.
  •  May/June:- Under The Sea.

                                                      Homework will be sent home each Monday night for the week and will be as follows.....

  Monday:- Reading and Active Maths game.

  Tuesday:- Reading and Literacy.

  Wednesday:- Reading and Maths Topic work.

  Thursday:- Reading and Handwriting/phonics

  Homework should be returned by Friday

                              Homework in Primary 2 should take between 15 - 20 minutes.  It must be signed by a parent/guardian.

 Our topic for September/October 2020 is 'Once Upon A Time.........' 

 Article 7  - 'Every child has the right to an identity'

 Mrs Allen and Mrs Vennard have planned lots of lovely activities for the first topic.  We will be looking at different fairytale stories and discovering what they all have in common.  We will be looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.  We will be discussing our feelings and making rules for our classroom to help keep us safe.  

 As the year progresses this page will have regular updates and lots of photos of our learning adventure.  

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and seeing what we have been up to so far!  

On our first days in Primary 2 we watched a powerpoint about keeing safe and happy in school.  We talked about the new routines and shared our lockdown memories and talked about any worries.  Mrs Allen and Mrs Vennard loved hearing what we got up to when school was closed.  We recorded our memories of lockdown and our summer holidays.

Mathematics and Numeracy 

We have been so busy doing mathematical activities.  We have been making patterns, sorting shapes, finding shapes around the school, investigating different ways to make 5 and using our mental maths to help with calculations.  We have been making pictures with cuisenaire rods and doing lots of maths in our massive surroundings outside.  Maths is practical and lots of fun.

Structured Play

 In P2 we have playtime every day.  We have lots of toys and know how to share and take turns.  We are set challenges in Lego and work in our groups to complete them.  Structured Play lets us explore lots of things and we use our thinking skills to help us solve problems.  It helps us to form friends and to talk in the classroom about our work.

Outdoor learning

In Crumlin Integrated Primary School we are so lucky to have the biggest playground to play on.  During the school closure we got games marked out on the ground.  We just love our reading huts too.


 Previously in P2



2018 - 2019


Halloween in Primary 2

Lots of fun activities captivated the children to explore their senses in the water tray.  Gloop was added along with lots of spooky items.  The children enjoyed feeling the gloop and filling their pumpkins with spiders, skeletons, witches fingers and much much more.  

They wrote their own Halloween stew and had to adorn one of the many props on display at the writing table.  

Come back again soon to see what else we have been doing......

Literacy in P2

Literacy in P2 is very active and fun.  We write our sounds in shaving foam and play games to reinforce these sounds to help us read words.  Everyone has lots of fun each day.

Slipping and Sliding

The children are awaiting the arrival of the man in red and have decorated the classroom with lots of items related to winter.  We have made a polar express train, drawn pictures of snowmen using chalk and love playing in the snow.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will get some reaal snow soon so that we can build a snowman.




As you can see there are lots of smiling faces in Primary 2.  Come back soon to see what else we have been doing.




Last year's Primary 2 class



Halloween in Primary 2

Before the half term break Mrs Allen was busy making a Halloween stew.  The boys and girls made a potion in the classroom and gave Mrs Allen a shopping list of spiders, worms, skeletons, witches fingers and toes and lots of other gooey things.  


The children came into school dressed in party wear or as a princess for our end of topic party.  During our party we measured our Rapunzel hair pictures over the top of the castle to see who had longer hair.  We enjoyed using tweezers to find some things in our Halloween stew and some of us even enjoyed eating the witches fingers and toes and worms.  URGH!!


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We had a banquet at our party and helped Mrs Price celebrate her birthday.

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We drew a Halloween picture and had to lean very heavily with our crayons.  We painted a black wash over our fireworks pictures and were amazed at what happened.  

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We came to the Halloween Disco at school at night time. The teachers didnt know who we were as we were all dressed up.  BOO!!

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Our topic for November- December is 'Slipping and Sliding'.

The boys and girls are looking forward to learning all about Snow and Ice.  We are hoping there will be some snow and that we can go out into our big playground to build a snowman.  We will be making ice lollies and doing lots of Science activities about frost and ice.  We can't wait to make ice balloons.  Look at some of the activities we have done so far.

Chalk Snowmen
Chalk Snowmen

We love using technology.  We use the interactive whiteboard and iPads to help us with our learning.  We use apps for Literacy, Numeracy and for drawing.

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Snow day

Yeah..... finally some snow.  We have had lots of snow in Northern Ireland recently and today we went out to play in it.  We had great fun making snow angels and snowmen and trying to hit Mrs Allen and Mrs Price with snowballs.  


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Frozen hand investigation

We poured some water and paint into 2 rubber gloves and put them in the freezer.  When we took them out we removed the rubber glove and discovered a red ice hand and a blue ice hand.  Unfortunately some fingers were broken in the process!!  We talked about the ice melting and decided to have a race to see if the one placed in a warm area melted quicker than the one placed in a cooler place.  We loved investigating which ice hand would melt first.  We predicted correctly that the red hand that was placed on the radiator would melt quicker than the blue hand that we placed beside the classroom door.

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We have been writing rhyming words in preparation for starting spellings after Christmas.  We love to use Beebot to spell words too.

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Food for the reindeer


We made food for Santa's reindeer with Mrs Shaw.  We used our weighing skills to help us measure the correct amount of oats.  We added special edible magic dust just to make sure they did not get sick.  We added our special ingredients to a clear bag and added pompoms, pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make it look like Rudolf.

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Santa came to visit our class


On Thursday 21st December Santa made a surprise visit to the classroom.  He gave us all a present and we all got a photograph taken with him.  Mrs Allen was very lucky - she got to sit on Santa's knee and she gave him a big kiss!!! Sh, don't tell Mrs Claus!

We would like to thank Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to see us.

Click on the picture gallery below to see the pictures enlarged.......

Click on the picture gallery below to see the pictures enlarged.......

Happy New Year from P2.

Our new topic this term is 'No Place Like Home'.  We will be learning all about different types of homes and houses around the world.  We will investigate materials used to build a house and will go for a walk around Crumlin to observe houses in our community. We will be looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs and will use our extensive grounds to recreate the story.  Please be aware of the wolf.....

We enjoyed looking at some artefacts from the olden days

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March April:- IN The WILD!

The children have enjoyed learning all about zoo animals.  We have looked at animals that live on the farm, in the zoo or those we keep as pets.  We have really enjoyed playing with play dough and making things for the zoo animals.


The children have been learning about area and have enjoyed making zoo animals using scrap materials.  We have been looking at cuisenaire rods and how we can make the step pattern of 10.

Easter bonnets. 

Each child was asked to make an Easter bonnet and the children enjoyed parading around the hall showing off their bonnets to the whole school.

Come back soon and see what else we have been up to.....