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Free transport is provided for all children of

compulsory school age who live more than two miles

from the school and for whom Crumlin Integrated

Primary is the closest school.

Application forms for bus travel are available from

the Principal.


Parents with children travelling on buses must remind

them of proper behaviour to ensure their safety.

1. Show consideration and courtesy for

other passengers.

2. Stay seated at all times while the bus is in motion.

3. Show respect for the drivers, whose job is a

difficult one.

4. Sit quietly during the short journey.

5. Show courtesy to others when getting on and off

the bus.


Poor behaviour on the bus will incur sanctions:

• A first instance of unacceptable bus behaviour will result in a letter from the Principal warning of a ban of up to one week if another offence

should occur.

• A second instance will result in a letter stating the period of the ban. During this period parents will be responsible for ensuring that their

children are transported to school by other means.

• Parents may also be asked to sign a written agreement with reference to their child’s conduct on the buses. This will be reinforced by NEELB.

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for all children and passengers these rules and the sanctions will be fairly and firmly enforced.

Please take time to discuss the rules with your child to ensure that they are aware of the high standard of behaviour expected not only by the

school but also by you as parents. You should also remind your child that drivers have the authority to remove the bus passes of children