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Education in Crumlin Integrated Primary School is

provided free of charge for all lessons and activities

connected with the child’s entitlement to the curriculum.

The only occasion on which payment may be required

is for board and lodging on an overnight trip though

in such a case the charge will be remitted to those

parents on income support.

The school will, as it has done in the past, appeal to

parents from time to time for voluntary donations to

help fund out-of-school trips but it is stressed that

no child will be disadvantaged in any way if parents

choose not to make a contribution.

However the viability of out-of-school trips may

depend on the level of voluntary contributions.


The school may take part in ‘optional extras’ which

are not connected with school’s formal curriculum

such as visits to the theatre.

It is stressed that failure to participate in these will

not affect a child’s performance at school. Written

parental consent will be required before a child

participates in school trips.