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Article 19 - You have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, in body or mind.

The school has a Positive Behaviour Policy which

relies heavily upon the school ethos of mutual

respect between staff and pupils and the high value

placed on the development of pupil’s attitudes in

such areas as honesty, mutual respect, sensitivity

to others, self-discipline, confidence, responsibility,

independence and fairness.

This policy (for Positive Behaviour Management)

forms the basis for acceptable standards of behaviour

for children and responsibilities for staff. In Crumlin

Integrated Primary we believe that high standards of

behaviour and discipline are the pre-requisites for

high quality educational provision. Parents will be

contacted if a child’s behaviour is causing concern.

As a Rights Respecting School our pupils have a voice

in their class and school council. At the beginning

of the year the children in all classes are given

an opportunity to agree a class charter with their

teacher. The rules and guidelines for behaviour



within each charter is formulated not only around the

children’s rights according to UNESCO but also and

most importantly around the responsibilities.

Throughout the year assemblies, artwork and circle

time activities are used to reinforce these charters

and to highlight key school rules.

Parents Role

Parents are expected to take an active role in

supporting the positive behaviour policy by:

1. Encouraging in their children a respect for others

and for school property.

2. Sending their children to school properly equipped

for classroom work, PE etc.

3. Respecting the need for order in school and a

civilised code of conduct.

4. Discussing the right/responsibility in focus with

their child (displayed on the newssheet).

PARENTS AND STAFF working together ensures high

standards of behaviour


In Crumlin Integrated Primary School all staff,

parents and children work together to create a

happy, caring, learning environment. Bullying in

any form will not be tolerated.

The school takes a proactive approach by having in

place a programme of lessons and weekly circle

time activities throughout the year which foster

self esteem, self-respect and respect for others.

If, for whatever reason, you have concerns about

your child’s happiness, please do not hesitate to

speak to us.

The full anti-bullying policy is available to

parents on request