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Pastoral Care

In line with the policy of maximising the potential of

each pupil the school recognises that it has a

 responsibility to do everything possible to care for

each pupil’s physical and emotional well-being. 

The school will endeavour to provide a comfortable

and safe environment for learning.


All staff members both teaching and non-teaching

recognise their responsibility in meeting the pastoral

needs of every child.  Class teachers are obviously

 best placed to resolve the worries of new pupils

and to relieve their anxieties.


The Principal will be grateful for information about any difficult

home circumstances which may be  causing distress or

anxiety.  The school has a designated and deputy designated

teacher for child protection.

Parents and children are notified of these designated teachers at

the beginning of the school year.  They are also identified on

signs displayed prominently within the school and on the website.

Children and parents with concerns in this area should contact

either of these teachers.  The school’s full child protection policy

is available  for inspection in school.


When a new pupil arrives in the school he/she is assigned a ‘Buddy’ to support them in school and/or on the bus

travelling to and from school. This support is available for as long as is required, though most pupils settle easily

within the first week.



Minor first aid will be administered in school by our designated First Aid officer. Children who appear to be sick during

school hours are allowed to rest in the office area, if the complaint appears to be a minor one.

If their condition fails to improve parents will be contacted and asked to bring such children home.

In the case of acute illness or injury we would consult the local doctor and inform parents as quickly as possible.

In an emergency, expert medical advice will be sought and appropriate urgent action taken.


It is important that parents inform the school of any medical condition a pupil may have and any necessary

procedure to follow. Teachers are not permitted to administer medicine. Any parent wishing to request that

medicine be administered to their child during the school day must contact the principal who will explain if this

is possible and the procedure which must be followed.

A copy of our policy on meeting medication needs of pupils is available on request.

Visits by Medical Staff

The school doctor and nurses visit the school for medical examinations, sight and hearing tests.

The school dentist also visits.

Parents are informed beforehand of medical inspections.