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The school sees a value in children engaging in

homework as a means of revising work covered

in class, in discovering information unavailable

in school, in involving parents positively in their

children’s studies and in the development of

good work habits.

Against this we must balance each child’s need for

recreation and the development of private interests

and hobbies and so the amount of homework should

not exceed that which can be done in:

30 minutes at Foundation/Key Stage 1

45 minutes at Key Stage 2

assuming proper application and no distractions.

Homework will be given each day from Monday to

Thursday and will normally consist of reading and

the learning of spelling and number facts plus a

short piece of written work for the older children.



Homework assignments are recorded each day in your child’s homework diary.  Parents are expected to support the school’s homework policy.

Part of the value of homework is the individual attention a child receives from his/her parent, so help from parents is strongly encouraged.

Parents are asked to sign each child’s work when it has been completed to a satisfactory standard. We would request that parents when signing

the homework should write “Help needed” if they have given a lot of assistance with homework. In addition, parents should inform the class

teacher if homework takes an excessive amount of time. In this way parents can alert the teacher to their child’s needs.

Please note:

* The setting of homework may be relaxed for special occasions and close to holidays.

* Children who are receiving additional teaching from the special needs teacher will have a small amount of homework at weekends.