Lighting up the minds of today for a brighter tomorrow

Crumlin Integrated Primary is a very welcoming school, characterised by friendly, well-ordered atmosphere.

It provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment which allows our children to grow in confidence, developing and

achieving to the very best of their individual abilities.

Relationships at all levels are excellent and are based on mutual respect between children, staff and parents. A high value

is placed on the development of pupils’ attitudes in such areas as self-discipline, responsibility, sensitivity to others,

honesty, confidence, independence and fairness. 

Children enrolling at the school are warmly accepted by their peers and by staff and are smoothly integrated

into the school community.  Our teachers are enthusiastic, committed and hard working. They recognise and value the

important contribution parents can make in supporting their child’s learning. 

Together we encourage all our children to be the best that they can be.

The Aims of our School

• To empower our children to achieve their potential and develop the skills necessary to make informed and responsible

decisions throughout their lives.

• To develop self-esteem and self-confidence and encourage each individual to recognise and extend their personal


• To recognise, understand and respect the feelings, attitudes and values of others.

• To appreciate and show respect for their environment, both locally and globally.


Our vision is to develop children who are:

Inquirers Thinkers