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Welcome to P5 2018 - 19

Welcome to our Primary 5 page which will give you an insight to what we get up to in class. There is also information on what topics we will be covering through the year. We will add photos of class activities regularly through the year.



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P5 has a fantastic day at the Science Blast in the Waterfront Hall. We showcased our project and answered questions in front of judges. We recieved some lovely feedback and were presented with an award for our fantastic work. During the day we could explore the ehibition room. We were able to use Virtual Reality software, find out and create renewable energy and much more. We watched two science shows - Gastronaut and The XX Factor. We will definietly be back next year!!

Primary 5 have been using ICT tell stories in Literacy. We have looked at photo stories and also created a game using an App on IPad. To create the game we had to make our own characters and backgrounds. It was great fun and a very enjoyable way to do Literacy.

On Friday 12th April Primary 5 travelled to the Transport Museum to visit the Tim Peake Experience. They got to see and find out about the Soyuz Module that Time Peake came back to Earth in. A great day!!

A big thank you to the local fishermen and staff from the salmon hatchery for visiting today. They set up pond dipping activities and helped us release the salmon into the river that we had been farming in our classroom.

Pancake Tuesday.

P5 enjoyed making their own pancakes today.

They topped them with a choice of sugar, syrup and lemon juice.
They were delicious!!

P5 had a fire safety talk from Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. They were set a homework tonight to check that smoke alarms in the house are working.

P5 made marshmallow igloos as part of their topic on the Polar Regions.

P5 were given a problem to solve today. They had to get an ice cube out of a bowl of water using only a piece of string and salt. To their delight they all managed to achieve it! Can you work out how they did it?


P5 enjoyed learning and playing Gaga Ball and Dodgeball. Great fun.

Shared Education Lesson  - Children from Crumlin IPS, Crumlin College and St Josephs came together to learn about the Drainage Basin and the components of a river.  Again the children were a credit to the school. Well done!!

Shared Education Lesson 2 - Children from Crumlin IPS, Crumlin College and St Josephs came together to learn about the lifecycle of the salmon as part of their Salmon project. It was a fantastic morning and all the children worked great together.

P5's class assembly on Electricity.

Curriculum information for P5

Session 3 with the Artist involved transferring their designs on to clay.

Session 2 with the artists involved some block printing.

P5 enjoyed the first of their 4 art sessions with two Artists. They are working to create a mosaic from clay.

P5 enjoying making skeletons from pasta.

The class were introduced to some moves in Judo. They all really enjoyed it and learned some new skills really quickly. Well done!!

P5 enjoying some maths games based around place value.

Last years P5 (2017 - 2018)

Air Raid Shelters created as part of a homework project.

P5 enjoyed their Mindfulness walk through the Crumlin.

We made marshmallow igloos as part of our topic on the Polar Regions.

Today we made some lovely Reindeer Marshmallow buns. They were delicious!!

P5 had a fantastic trip to the Hatchery in Cookstown. We learned a lot about river wildlife and how fish lay their eggs. Early next term, fish eggs will arrive in our class and we will look after them until they are ready to be released in Crumlin Glen.

Enjoying the snow (teachers as well)!!

We collected some leaves from the school grounds and made some leaf masks.


P5 on the trail for 2D shapes in the school.

This week we have been learning about fractions. We learned that the top number of a fraction is called the 'numerator' and the bottom number is called the 'denominator'.

On Wednesday 15th November we planted some bulbs in the new school orchard.