Welcome to P5 2018 - 19

Welcome to our Primary 5 page which will give you an insight to what we get up to in class. There is also information on what topics we will be covering through the year. We will add photos of class activities regularly through the year.



P5 enjoying some maths games based around place value.

Last years P5 (2017 - 2018)

Air Raid Shelters created as part of a homework project.

P5 enjoyed their Mindfulness walk through the Crumlin.

We made marshmallow igloos as part of our topic on the Polar Regions.

Today we made some lovely Reindeer Marshmallow buns. They were delicious!!

P5 had a fantastic trip to the Hatchery in Cookstown. We learned a lot about river wildlife and how fish lay their eggs. Early next term, fish eggs will arrive in our class and we will look after them until they are ready to be released in Crumlin Glen.

Enjoying the snow (teachers as well)!!

We collected some leaves from the school grounds and made some leaf masks.


P5 on the trail for 2D shapes in the school.

This week we have been learning about fractions. We learned that the top number of a fraction is called the 'numerator' and the bottom number is called the 'denominator'.

On Wednesday 15th November we planted some bulbs in the new school orchard.